Mom and Baby


Hi, I’m Linda*! I am from central Missouri, a teen mom to my
two-year-old son and a resident at Missouri Girls Town. I’m glad to be
here. Actually, I asked to be here. I entered state care on
12/09/2022. They put me at a placement in eastern Missouri and I
didn’t like it one bit. I wanted to be with my son. That placement
lasted for two months.

Then, I was sent south of Lake of the Ozarks where the staff were very
nice. They helped me to get on the right medications and made me feel
safe. I was there for two months, three weeks, and five days. I went
to a place in Kansas City, and I loved it. I also met some people
there and we had lots of fun. We would go to the park, do fun stuff
and go out to eat. They asked me to start a Transitional Living
Placement (TLP) there, but, again, I wanted to be closer to my son.
That’s when I came to Missouri Girls Town, my 4th placement in about a
year and a half.

During the 10 months I have been here, there have been ups and downs.
It took four months for me to finally decide to actually “do” my
program. Every staff member at Missouri Girls Town tells us how proud
they are of us. They care about me. Minnie has been helping me see my
son every Thursday. We also have great teachers. Coach Bucher and
Coach Long come to our on-campus school to work with us.

I had very bad anger issues and used to take it out on my family. This
place has helped me with my anger and how to receive bad news. My
therapist tells me to take responsibility for my own behavior and to
always look at the pros and cons. This helps me learn what I do wrong
and how I can improve. I have turned my behavior around so I can get
back to my son. I had to learn and understand that to take care of
others, I first need to take care of myself.

I have always been told “you come by yourself, and you leave by
yourself.” We all have our hard times and we pick ourselves up. At
Missouri Girls Town, we learn to accept help and how to get by in the
future without help. We are all happy to have a safe place to be and
we feel like we belong. I’m glad to be a part of Missouri Girls Town.

*Names are changed to help keep our clients safe.