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Archives by Miriam Burch

McClain-Williams Home Renovation Complete

The McClain-Williams home has been completely renovated and we are excited to announce that the girls will be moving back into the house during their Christmas break. The home is one of four on campus and provides housing for twelve clients. Ten staff members provide continuous care on a 24/7 basis for the residents. The McClain-Williams home was built in 1998 and has provided a home to approximately 200 individual clients over the past 14 years. In 2012 a major renovation was required to return the house to its original condition. With assistance from the Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program,…

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Lasting Benefits From Gift Farmland

Mary Elizabeth Tevebaugh of Houstonia, Missouri left 360 acres of tillable farmland to Missouri Girls Town. Ms. Tevebaugh wanted to assist Girls Town in meeting their operational and maintenance needs. With the corn and soybeans being harvested by the farm tenant, a rent check of $25,000 was given to Girls Town and will be used as directed by Ms. Tevebaugh. All involved with Girls Town are grateful for her long-term vision and belief in the everyday work we do on behalf of our girls.

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Bikes for Girls Town

Special Thanks To Boy Scouts & Wal-mart! Fulton Boy Scout Troop #40 and Wal-Mart have collaborated on a project to repair bicycles which have been returned to area stores and to then donate the refurbished bikes to area non-profit organizations. We are pleased to have been chosen as the recipient of a large number of these bicycles, and appreciate the generosity of Wal-Mart and Boy Scout Troop #40 as the girls utilize these bikes on campus.

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“Yours, Mine and Ours” Thrift Store to Close at End of Year

Missouri Girl Town’s thrift store, “Yours, Mine & Ours,” will close at the end of the year and move the in-kind donation program back to campus. The primary purpose of the thrift store was to teach the girls job skills. Recently, JobPoint offered to assist in job training for our clients, helping them achieve a wide-array of marketable skills learned in a setting with similar-aged girls. JobPoint will also teach individualized skill sets and help clients in acquiring jobs. In moving the thrift store back to our campus, cost savings can be used to support our ever-increasing need for general…

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