At Missouri Girls Town, from admission to discharge, our goal is to
get to know and treat our youth residents on a personal level.
Building trust-based relationships allows us to start helping these
trauma-affected youth. This means, we treat each youth resident
according to their individualized needs. However, we can often
anticipate general needs that arise according to the changing seasons.
Our “needs of the month” program offers our donors a way to directly
support our youth. While specific needs do arise from time-to-time,
such as a particular shampoo or vitamin, our “needs of the month” help
us address our upcoming necessities for the year.

Please note: We only accept new, unused in-kind donations.

An easy way to contribute, even if you’re located on the far ends of
the state, is to utilize our Amazon Wish List. Simply scan this QR
code or find the Amazon Wish List on our website (
under the “Donate” tab to peruse our special or regularly-needed
products. Your support will help us keep our therapeutic residential
services accessible for many more years to come!

Needs for this Spring: April – Decorative pillows w/o zippers,
deodorant; May – Face wash, sunscreen, and male hygiene products; June
– Beach towels, swimsuits and water toys.

Please have items delivered to our Kingdom City campus using this address:

Missouri Girls Town Foundation Inc.
Attention: Development
8548 Jade Road
Kingdom City, MO 65262