Providing A Family

Prior to coming to Girls Town, many clients never experience a loving family atmosphere. Our staff builds relationships with each client and shares the true love of a family! This family atmosphere teaches the girls how to one day instill this same feeling to their own children.

Constantly Learning


Our clients learn academics and practice life-skills behaviors that they would have never achieved in their previous environments. Each of our caring, knowledgeable, experienced professionals administer stability, security, positive reinforcement, fair consequences and earned increased independence.

Creating Unity

At Girls Town, the clients create unity by working together to plan projects, and it is especially rewarding when they come to fruition. Several big projects we have completed are Holiday Craft Day, the Miss Missouri Girls Town Pageant, Prom, Talent Show and the Holiday Play.

Encouraging Creativity

Creativity is strongly encouraged in physical as well as artistic endeavors. For example, a basic game of Dodgeball can be renamed and given various rules in order to make the game more exciting and relevant. In inviting more input from the girls, it encourages their participation in something they helped create.