Missouri Girls Town is doing year end giving a little differently this year. Instead of running our own independent year end fundraising effort, we are teaming up with organizations all over the Mid-Missouri Area. This will allow us to reach more potential donors who can connect with our mission of Supporting youth and families by providing therapeutic services and education to empower them to reach their full potential. On top of gathering more support for our essential services, we are also competing for challenge grants that can help us fill the gap in care. Two-thirds of Missouri Girls Town’s operating budget comes from state reimbursements and DSS payment for providing our Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP). The other one third is difficult to find so we are widening our appeal with hopes of gathering more support for the work that we do.

Because this approach is different, we would like to help answer some commonly asked questions for newly participating COMO Gives Organizations:

What does this mean for existing donors of Missouri Girls Town?

Instead of mailing a check or donating on our website, we ask that you donate at this URL instead: https://comogives.com/product/missouri-girls-town-foundation-inc/ . This way your donation can go towards our grand total at the end of the giving campaign. All donations are deposited into Missouri Girls Town’s account following the conclusion of the campaign.


When does COMO Gives begin? Well, there’s more than one answer…

Answer A

Fundraisers begin right now! You can start a fundraiser for donations to go towards Missouri Girls Town. Examples include:

  1. Provide a physical action or service once a goal is met
    Examples: I’ll dump 15 lbs. of ice water over my head and shoulders if my supporters donate collectively more than $1,000, or, I’ll personally trim the shrubs at the home or office of the person who donates $500 or more
  2. Provide premiums to donors of certain levels
    Example: I’ll make and deliver six homemade bagels for each person who donates $50 or more
  3. Provide a matching donation incentive
    Example: I’ll personally donate $500 to Missouri Girls Town if my supporters donate over $1,000 to my Fundraiser

Fundraisers can be created here but must be created by November 15th https://comogives.com/fundraisers/.

Answer B

Pledges to help support our campaign can be made here where you can promise to help us in our year end rally for our girls: https://comogives.com/pledge-your-support/

Answer C

And most importantly, donors may begin making donations with their credit or debit card beginning on Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022 here: https://comogives.com/product/missouri-girls-town-foundation-inc/


When do I need to donate by for my donation to count towards COMO Gives?

The last day to donate to Missouri Girls Town’s year end campaign is December 31st at 11:59pm. Although donations made after this deadline will not be added into the total, your donation will most definitely be welcomed!


Can I give a donation in someone’s honor or memory?

Yes. Donors can use one of the special fields on the check-out form to provide a name for a gift in honor or memory. If you want the receiving organization to send a letter to a third party regarding such a gift, you must include the third party’s mailing address during check out. Such letters come from Missouri Girls Town, not COMO Gives.


We are very excited to try something new this year! Donations made via COMO gives will go towards existing donors’ lifetime donations and are acknowledged and appreciated just as much as if they came to Missouri Girls Town Directly.