Young ladies that currently call Missouri Girls Town Foundation home. will be celebrating the holidays with our staff this December. As you can imagine, keeping them motivated and positive during these next weeks is sometimes difficult.

That is just one reason why the support of our partners and donors is so very extra special right now. Each child completes a “wish list” of items they would love to have find under the tree on December 25th. Items selected often are clothing, makeup, crafts, games and puzzles.

Due to the current Pandemic situation, several of our normal donors have been unable to bring these donations to our campus. Therefore, we have created a Holiday Wish List on Amazon that will allow donors to simply order items and have them shipped directly to campus. This cuts down on quarantine time periods and ensure the items arrive in a timely manner.

Here is the list of wishes:

Nail polish—esp Mint Green
Mp3 player x8 (No camera please)
Water Bottles x5 (No metal)
Large Teddy Bear
Rainbow Croc- 7.5, 6.5
Bath & Body Works x4
Nike Hoodie- Black-L, L, M
Nike sports bra- L, L
Nike slides- 10, 10, 8, 6.5, 10, 9.5, 9, 11
Lip Gloss
Athletic Leggings Black- L, M, XL, XXL
Pokemon Water Bottle
Dry Shampoo
African American Hair Products – Kantu esp.
No show socks- Nike or Adidas x3
Journals, paints and crafts
Billie Ellish Stuff
Pink Nike Shoes- 8.5
Blue Fluffy Pillow
Facial cleansers
Blue Converse- 8
Black Beanie
Mens, Black Tennis Shoes- 10.5
Hair Scrunchies x2
Art Supplies- Canvas, paint, ribbon and embroidery floss
Hair Straightener
Tall Black Boots- 9.5
Make Up Sets and nail art — Eyeshadow Palate x3
Yarn—esp. Purple
Nike Backpack
JoJo Bows
Bombshell Perfume
Black Leggings- M, S, L, XL, XXL
Puzzles – 1000 piece+
White Champion Hoodie- S
Black Joggers- M– XXL
Stuffed Octopus
Phase 10
Green or Pink Crocs- 9
Nike/Champion Clothes- M
Fun Snacks – Gum—sugar free, too Hot Chips—takis, chesters Hot fries or fire cheetos, Cosmic Brownies
Zebra Cakes
Large Stuffed Animal
Body Pillows—Backrest Pillows
Slippers—all sizes

Ship items to: MO Girls Town-Holiday, 8548 Jade Road, Kingdom City, MO 65262

Here is the link to the Amazon Wish List for the girls: