young-woman-lGirls Town is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and annually provides individualized care to abused and neglected young women. We help our residents overcome the trauma they have suffered so they can return to a normal life. It is our desire to break the cycle of hopelessness by working one-on-one with our residents and showing them another path that offers much more satisfaction.

Services to Missouri Girls Town residents are divided into the following programs:

Counseling and Treatment Programs

Missouri Girls Town offers counseling and treatment programs that fit the needs of today’s children. Individualized treatment can range from individual, group and/or family counseling. We incorporate everything from education and job-skill training to extensive recreational opportunities.

Health Program

Missouri Girls Town has a full time nurse and a medical assistant on staff to ensure that all of the girls’ medical and dental needs are met.  In addition, staff members are certified in First Aid, CPR Medicine Administration.

Recreation and Wellness Program

Our Recreation and Wellness Program focuses on the importance of a healthy bodies and minds. Recreation meets these needs through sports activities, arts and crafts, movies, and social activities in which all girls participate fully and enthusiastically.

Several organizations volunteer at our facility to share games, treats and social interaction. These activities encourage the girls to develop better social skills.

Click here to learn more about the Girls Town Wellness Policy.

young-girl-using-skipping-rope-outdoors-smiling-mLife Skill Programs

It is our goal to give each client the tools to help them grow to adulthood. We offer age-appropriate job training and after-care preparation through on-campus jobs and off-campus employment. Our independent living skills courses teach clients life skills that help prepare them to care for themselves and their own families one day.

Educational Services

Missouri Girls Town works in partnership with the North Callaway R-1 School District to provide educational services to our clients- both on and off of campus. While in care, it is a priority to meet our clients’ individual educational needs, and help prepare them for academic success outside of our campus. Eligible clients attend our on-campus school, which provides self-paced learning, peer interaction, and small class sizes that allow for individual attention and assistance as needed.

After-Care and Outpatient Programs

Every effort is made to prepare girls to reunite with their parent(s), relatives, adoptive family or foster care when a viable family exists. If clients do not have the option of returning to their community, Girls Town focuses care and treatment on a successful transition to independent life after high school. These programs include individual and family counseling, assistance with independent living needs, crisis intervention or even emergency shelter.

Our Transitional and Independent Living Programs are designed to help our clients transition from living in a group home to living on their own. We also offer post-secondary education assistance for clients attending college. It is our desire to continue to provide assistance to girls who have left our care.